Wurzweiler School of Social Work http://deimos3.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/Browse/yu.edu-dz.6029421734.06029421736 Wurzweiler School of Social Work Wurzweiler School of Social Work Teaching & Learning Yeshiva University EN no Yeshiva University & Wurzweiler School of Social work. iTunes U Podcast Owner sapphire-podcast-owner@group.apple.com Wurzweiler students come from over 60 countries including Israel, Canada, France, Japan, South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Many are working people who have to balance the demands of school, work, and family. Our individual attention and flexible programming helps them succeed. Wurzweiler's curriculum is "methods based" and offers concentrations in Social/Clinical Casework, Social Group Work, and Community Social Work/Administration. Field placement agencies are selected for their diversity, quality of service to the community, opportunities for learning, expertise of supervisors, and eagerness to collaborate with the School to create a challenging educational venture for our students. Wurzweiler School of Social Work was established in 1957. Since then, over 7,000 students have received masters' degrees and over 165 doctorates have been awarded. •The School currently enrolls 325 MSW and 60 PhD students. •78% of our students receive some form of financial assistance. •The composition of the students body includes individuals from every religious and ethnic group. •Our faculty are experienced social work practitioners and researchers with doctoral degrees who are nationally and internationally respected scholars and leaders. •Six of our faculty have earned prestigious Fulbright Awards in the past three years. •Our program is nationally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) through 2017. Our alumni are therapists, managers, administrators, researchers, professors of social work, college deans and legislators. They are employed in every sector of social services,from neighborhood agencies to the federal government. We take pride in the contributions our alumni have made to improving the lives of vulnerable populations throughout the world. Wurzweiler's unique nature stems from an historic emphasis on values and ethics, its respect for ethnicity, and its recognition of the importance of religious beliefs and spirituality. Dr. Norman Linzer and two second year students discuss a required course for all second year students at Wurzweiler that is unique to the school, “Jewish Social Philosophy”. false clean